Nicole Boronat & Stephane Etienne are not just  good windsurfers , Stand up paddlers  , Body surfers…etc   A couple icon know as “The Lovers”  who expand  the “Dreaming lifestyle” .
Their involvement  to those wáter activities as ambassadors go further like wandering the planet .
As  travelers around the world they have many incredible stories to share about their experiences in and out of the water.
Stephane & Nicole grew up around Slide sports (Skate,Windsurf,SUP,,Surf, Body surf..) and truly views being a Ocean riders as a part of their life ..Passion he s all about..

NICOLE BORONAT This little girl from Paris, who at age 16 was skateboarder pro, at 24 was windsurfer pro, packed his bags with boyfriend Stephane Etienne (pro windsurfer, surfer,globe rider..),travel to Tarifa ,live there..,and move to Fuerteventura (Canary islands);”When I was at school, I always wanted to skate, to be with my friends in the skatepark; I was feeling I was part of a mixture between sport, art, culture, music…a new era..At that time, skateboarding and surfing were very close…”

It s skateboarding who brought me to surfing,…and after to windsurfing to Stand up paddle and nowadays to Foil ..”Nicole career began with her first Skate national title, then in Windsurf somes national titles, World cup Indoor podiums, Wave World cup top 5…A board award for the best trip of the year …A top 10 in the Biarritz longboard festival and then a podium in the European and in the World tour & National SUP Championship   …..”Why those ocean activities are appealing, is because when you are in the sea, you feel freedom and if we see a face without a smile we want to give them one of us...."

Stephane Etienne  grew up in Africa ,Tunez, until age of 11 when the family decide to go to France ,Almanarre, and start surfing and windsurfing.At 16 ,went to studies lifeguard in Biarritz ,went back to Almanarre  , to windsurf and manage the Funboard school..At 20 years old, decide to move to Spain ,Tarifa and follow his dreaming winsurfing pro career. Living now in Fuerteventura /Canary Islands,our globe rider ,enjoy the ”incredible” conditions of surfing and windsurfing looking like the european hawaii ..

He has competed in most Windsurfing wave events, and Indoor in the world; many time reaching the top 3 in Indoor , and Trilogy contests, and top 10 in several  World cup wave events.At that time his fans have voted his Trip in India as one of their most favorite of the year for the Boards Awards ceremony in Paris.His vast popularity has taken ”Steban” around the world on  trips for magazines, promotions, and   videos..”   

Despite all his projects, Stephane´s  focus is still riding waves”  I want to windsurf  Stand up paddle Surf the most I can ,be close to this approach of discovering countrys, cultures, waves and also new way of riding … , enrich my life and maybe inspire somes people ,searching for freedom and aventures…